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City Saunter Books

Sometime around noon tomorrow, I should be getting 5 cases with 100 of my memoir books in it. My book. Your books. I am so thankful to all the people who trusted me and pre-paid for their chance to be the first owners of The City Saunter Story. As nervous as I am about having people read it ⁠— finally, I am also super pumped to hear what other people think! The photo/blog book will be here sometime next week and I get to have the excitement all over again! Then I get to start booking signings, talks, presentations, and one City Saunter with someone who chose that as their campaign pledge! If anyone is interested in having me come in for a talk, I would love to work out the details with you. If you have a place of business or a group that meets someplace, and you’d like to host a book signing, let me know about that too!

If you didn’t get your book, you can still order through me. Here is the link for that: I WANT A BOOK!

Thank you!


A few days ago I announced to the Facebook world that I had decided to begin my City Saunter book. I did that because I find when I tell people what I am going to do, it really holds me … Continue reading

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My Michigan

Ariniko Artistry Greater Lansing Photographer

Petosky, MI

About a year ago one of my family members was moving from California to either Michigan or Florida. I quickly found myself creating lists of reasons why a move to Michigan would be the perfect choice. I guess I wasn’t the only one looking into the many assets our great Mitten State has to offer. A recent article from Thrillest.com ultimately decided that Michigan was ranked the greatest state out of all 50. Many of us here in Michigan already know that. On the same note the Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau asked folks on social media to create a Pinterest page dedicated to all the things people love about Lansing summers. I was able to create this page: I #LoveLansing Summers. I think it’s natural to have pride in the location you’ve decided to live in, raise a family in, work in and vacation in. Michiganders love their state.  We love the great lakes, the urban cities, the national forests, the four seasons, and the people.

Here’s just a short list of some of my favorite Michigan places.

Ariniko Artistry Greater Lansing Photographer

Lansing, MI view from the Boji Tower

  1. Lansing, MI

Ariniko Artistry Greater Lansing Photographer

The Grand River at Francis Park

This is home. This place has such a stronghold on my heart that it’s hard to explain how much I adore it. The people here are amazing. The sense of community is intoxicating! The changes that have taken place in the last 30 years are hard to comprehend. Each year this little big city expands and grows much for the better. I look forward to seeing where we will be in another 30.

  1. Traverse City

Ariniko Artistry Greater Lansing Photographer

Golfing at Traverse City

I hadn’t spent much time here as a child but my husband’s family did. As an adult we make a trip to Traverse City almost every year. From the camp grounds to the quaint city there is something for everyone. We’ve spent time picking red raspberries and eating cherries from a roadside stand while meandering through the peninsulas. We’ve golfed at scenic golf courses. We’ve sat at the beach and camped at the campground. There are Cherry Fests and Film fests that draw in thousands a year.

Ariniko Artistry

Grand Traverse Bay in Traverse City

  1. Sleeping Bear Dunes

Ariniko Artistry

Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan

This can almost be rolled into the Traverse City section but since it was rated by GMA in 2011 as the most beautiful place in America, I thought I would give it its own vote. As a child I would take trips here with my grandparents who had an RV at Duck Lake. As an adult I’ve traveled to these majestic sand mountains during the summer and also winter. Some may not know but they allow sledding on these hills in the winter and it was one of the best sledding I’ve ever done.

Ariniko Artistry Photography

Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan

  1. Porcupine Mountains

Ariniko Artistry Photography

Lake in The Clouds the view from Porcupine Mountains, MI

As a child my family would travel the 12 hours to Lake Pomeroy and camp for almost two weeks. From there we would take day trips to waterfalls, Lake Gogebic and, my favorite, Porcupine Mountains. I was able to take my older kids to this beautiful wilderness area and we enjoyed ourselves greatly despite the steady rain.

Ariniko Artistry Photography

The Presque Isle River that run through Porcupine Mountains into Lake Superior.

  1. Holland, MI

Ariniko Artistry www.ariniko.com

Windmill Island Holland, MI

This was another location my family would head to when I was a child. We would take the 1.5 hour drive to the Holland Beach and spend the whole day there. My sister in law recently moved there with her family and we usually take 3-4 trips to Holland a year now. We’ve explored Tunnel Park, Windmill Island and the adorable city.

Ariniko Artistry Photography

Tunnel Park in Holland, MI

I’m sure everyone has their favorites too. It’s honestly extremely difficult to pick only a handful. I hope everyone enjoys your summer wherever you decide to spend it!

All images are ©Ariniko Artistry 2015.

Ariniko is a greater Lansing photographer who specializes in community enrichment through family portraits, business photography and event photography. To find more examples of her work check out her website at www.ariniko.com.

Floating on Air

2-15-2012 2-54-09 PM

Our City Saunter interview April 13, 2011.

On a cool Mid-Michigan morning in early April 2011, I met my second news anchor in person. I had contacted Evan Pinsonnault of WLNS Channel 6 news when he put out a request for cool things happening in Lansing for his Tell Me Something Good Segment. He quickly responded to the email I sent and within the week he was joining me for one of my Saunters. He brought a camera man and they put together this lovely video. It was one of the greatest days of my walking adventure and I wrote this blog about it. After that moment I’ve had a handful of run ins with Evan; Common Ground Film Festival, Blues Festival, The Red Nose Rukus party and Ye Old Christmas. It seemed we attended quite a few of the same events and every time he saw me there, he walked straight to me, hugged me, said he was glad to see me and took time to ask how I was doing. Every time. To this day it amazes me. I’ve had folks from the Lansing community that I have photographed and been introduced to over 20 times who still have no idea who I am.


Evan judges Ye Old Christmas gingerbread house competition. I was the photographer for this event.

aa_EOS 70D_9316

Evan on the WLNS float during Silverbells

When my City Saunter project came to a completion Evan tried desperately to get me on his broadcast again. Unfortunately it didn’t work out.

Then came the news that he was moving to California. I wasn’t surprised. He had mentioned to me before that he had hopes to move to a new location. Although I feel he will be greatly missed in Lansing, I am very excited for him.

Through communication on Facebook he suggested I come onto his Feel Good February segment to do a re-cap of the City Saunter Project, how I completed it and what I’m up to now. I, of course, said YES!

This morning I woke up bright and early, 4:45 a.m., to arrive at the station by 5:45 a.m. I’ve been to a few news stations to be interviewed for this project before but am always intrigued with the functionality of each. I was ushered to the “green room” which was really the computer offices of all the staff. One wall held at least 6 televisions all broadcasting different stations and news updates as well as the live broadcast. It was quite fascinating. I entered just as the clip showing me came on. There is something a bit surreal when you walk into a news station and you are on the news. One of the employees says, “Hey that’s you.”

I was offered a cup of coffee and told Evan would be in soon. The other anchor, Chivon, came in and we talked for a few minutes.

When the live broadcast switched to local commercials I knew Evan would be in soon. When he did come in,  just like always he came straight to me, arms spread for his perfected hug, warmly saying, “Hello my dear!”


I gave Evan this photo to remind him of Lansing while he continues his journey. I hope he will always remember his time here fondly.

I sort of don’t remember the interview. I know we talked about City Saunter. I know we plugged AA Creative Corridor. I know we plugged my Ariniko Artistry photography, I know I was so nervous and didn’t know where to look. Luckily Evan asked all the right questions and prodded me along when I need it.

It’s a bit sad thinking that these meet ups won’t happen again. Maybe I’ll write a City Saunter book and have him arrange a book signing in California!

A girl can dream, right?


Dressing Up for the Dogs

Ariniko Atistry Event Photography

Super Dog!

Sometimes I have a side gig where I take photos and even write a small news paragraph to accompany the photographs for the City Pulse. I was recently asked to cover a Halloween activity in Old Town. I had a really busy week at the AA Creative Corridor and thought there was no way I could fit it in but it happened to fall into a time frame that I had nothing else planned. Plus it was something that I thought my kids might enjoy. So last Friday I loaded them both into the car and told them we needed to go to Old Town to take photos of the Old Town Doggie Trick or Treat. Our pet Samoyed, Sparty, had passed away a few years ago and both of the kids have wanted a new dog. I don’t know if my letting them hang out with a crowd of dogs benefits my reluctance to get them a dog or not. But I think they had a great time. Here are some of the photos we took.

csEOS 70D_7898

Fluffy Strawberry

I am always intrigued by the idea to put a pet into a costume.

csEOS 70D_7935

Love the Look

Most of the dogs were cute a cuddly. This one really made me laugh though. What an adorable face.

csEOS 70D_7939


Cuddly Pumpkin

Cuddly Pumpkin



An adult dressing up like a dog.

csEOS 70D_7885

Frog Dog

csEOS 70D_7931

Color coordination is always a winner!

csEOS 70D_7876

Super Hero Huskies

Happy Halloween Everyone! Stay safe, fun and be kind to your neighbors as you spend time out and about this Friday!


photo (7)
I spent most of last weekend volunteering with the Lansing Marathon. I realized, while there, how many different aspects of the race inspired me. First there was Dr. Virginia Beard. A week before our marathon she was at the Boston Marathon but due to the tragic events was unable to finish the last half mile of that race. It was decided that Dr. Beard would start our Lansing Marathon at the last half mile and finish what she was unable to do in Boston. She would then receive her metal that she didn’t get in Boston and lead our marathon in a moment of silence. If that wasn’t inspiring enough, she then went on to run a half marathon. When I saw all the runners standing in two rows waiting for Dr. Beard to pass by, I felt inspired.
photo (3)
When, in the wee morning hours inside the Lansing Center way before anyone else had arrived, I passed a police officer and his bomb trained German Shepherd inspecting the trash cans thoroughly, I felt sad, but I also felt inspired to help make this world a safer, calmer place. When I saw thousands of people in the cold, early Sunday morning lining up to run a very long race, I felt inspired.photo (4)
Then there was the 15 year old that ran without any training. There was the multitude of volunteers handing out water, food, metals and blankets; not to mention “hellos”, “thank yous” and “you can do its! There was the mom standing eagerly at the very edge of the finish line who wanted to be the one to give her daughter her metal. I spent the next hour or so instructing the volunteers that when this woman’s daughter came through to let her give the runner her metal. We eyed every runner coming towards us to see if she matched this woman’s number. It was near the end of the race and it was announced that the last runner had crossed the 24 mile mark. Maybe that was her? However, a few minutes later a runner wearing all black turned the corner and headed our way. I saw the younger girl with this woman light up. “That’s her”, she yelled. Together the three of us moved closer to the finish line. Other volunteers realized this was the one we’d been waiting for and motioned for the mom to move closer. I cried as all three hugged at the finish line. How exciting that we could do this for them. That was inspiring. Twelve hours into my volunteering experience for that final day, I stood shoulder to shoulder with dozens of volunteers and family members as the last runner, after 7 long hours of running, finally crossed the finish line. She did it! And THAT, was inspiring.
photo (5)
Inspiration is a very personal thing. Something that moves to inspire me may not inspire you. I think that’s okay, as long as something inspires you. Yesterday I bought a new pair of running shoes.
csIMG_7287With this project I’ve walked over 300 miles, but I’ve run none. Today I tried to use that momentum from the race to try a run. I had a section of road that would be a down and back type walk. Sometimes I use my bike for these areas. I walk my bike one way then ride back. This time I decided to run back. It was almost two miles and even though it wasn’t pretty, I did it. At one point I passed a woman working outside her house. She nodded as I came to a stop. She asked if I’d started running at Filley St. (about a mile away).  I said I had. She said she thought that was a long way. I told her briefly about my project and that I decided to run back from this last walk, but that I wasn’t doing so well since I was breathing hard and needing to take a break. She said she thought I was doing great to her.
I think it’s good to really think about the things that inspire you. I also think it’s good to try to be inspiring. But the best part is when a good friend or even a stranger lets you know that they think you are inspiring too.
750IMG_9176Inspiration Located at the Lansing City Market

Rough Spot

Today I walked a “bad” neighborhood. The only problem is; it wasn’t. Yes, it was in one of the areas of town considered a bit rough and tumble but it didn’t seem that bad to me. Maybe it was because I was walking through this area on a very sunny, early December, Wednesday morning. I suppose living here might be different. Maybe there are stories that I could be told by residents. However, the more I continue on this walking project through Lansing the more I learn that there really isn’t a typical “Bad” neighborhood. Many times what I find is that there are a few “bad” houses that may or may not affect the area. On this walk, I passed residents and they smiled and said “hi” when I smiled and said “hi” to them. Yes, my pace might have been a bit quicker, I kept my camera discreetly hidden away and I perfected my nod and smile routine. I’ll admit that when I walked up a quaint dead end street that nestled up to the edge of the highway with only the one way in, I was a bit relieved by its isolation. But I also noticed some of the signature signs of a “safe” neighborhood: lawn ornaments, cars in good working order, cleanliness, flags, landscaping and nice people. These houses were just as ornate and positive as any “good” neighborhood. Despite all the negativity about Lansing, it seems that it doesn’t really have this heavy level of destitute and poverty that might be found in other hard hit recession Michigan cities. In fact, the more I walk the more I find quite the opposite. I find community centers that help provide services to the neighborhoods. I find non profits encouraging good and healthy behavior. I find neighborhood groups building urban gardens and promoting good habits. I also learn of family and friends buying houses in these “bad” neighborhoods and liking it there.
Now, I know it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. I did notice the abandoned belongings of homelessness under the overpasses. I know many people are without good paying jobs. I know drugs are a big issue on the streets. Maybe it is dangerous out there. Maybe my being out there is playing with fire. I was warned excessively when I first went public with this project that I was being too risky; walking in areas that are known for trouble. I trusted that I would be safe out there. I trusted that the crime issues wouldn’t really get me while I purposely walked from street to street without causing any trouble. So far Lansing hasn’t let me down. I don’t necessarily like walking in these rougher parts of town, but so far these nefarious parts haven’t lived up to their negative reputation. I hope it stays that way.

It’s my Island

One of my favorite movies of all time is Braveheart. There are multiple lines and scenes that I consider my favorite but one seems to stand out often to me. It could be that the actor looks entirely too much like my uncle, and in fact my uncle does an identical reenactment of the scene. It’s also what this actor says. The character’s name is Stephen, The Mad Irishman and this is what he says:

“I’m the most wanted man on my island. But I’m not on my island”
“Your island? You mean Ireland?”
“Yeah, It’s MINE!”

Lansing. It’s mine. I feel like that sometimes. And looking at all the people who came out today for 2012 Adopt a River, I would guess that a lot of other people feel the exact same way. Why shouldn’t we? I’ve been thinking a lot about this need to take care of Lansing; to promote its businesses, to complete its streets, to organize rallies against crime, to organize it, to clean it and to protect it. I feel a duty to it. Not in a way like I owe it, but rather like it’s my family and when it needs help I’ll be there. This idea is similar to a family member asking me to help them. Of course I’d be there to help. So when I hear about river clean up or festival hosting or complete street forms to be filled, I’m there ready and eager to help. I’m really glad so many others in the area feel the same way.

Planting new life into the island

Board of Water and Light’s recycled art

Erik Larson-Executive Director of Impression 5

Pat and Rob Killips Senior doing their jobs for the event


I pushed it on this last walk. I went to parts of the city that I was unfamiliar with. My original intentions were to park at Meijer on South Pennsylvania and walk north to the new St. Vincent dePaul Thrift Store and then make my way back south to Meijer again. My plan was to write about resilience; the nature of a person or business or even a city like Lansing to get knocked down yet find the courage and strength to get back up. I’m not talking about getting up, dusting off and walking away. I’m talking about getting hit hard, then climbing back up and standing firmly in place, hands on hips, shoulders stiff, surrounded by loved ones. They look the adversity square in the face and say, “that really hurt, but I’m not backing down. You might have gotten a good punch in but you will not win this fight. Not only will I win but this will make me stronger. Watch this!” Man I love that idea.
In the middle of December last year the St. Vincent De Paul store located at Elm and Washington in REO Town was struck by a devastating fire. It left their building, all the donations, office supplies and a multitude of undelivered Christmas presents destroyed. In less than a day new donations were being made and social media was reposting ways community members could help. In a very short time the St. Vincent DePaul store was relocated to 5206 S. Cedar St. where over 50 volunteers and an overwhelming community support, including donations from Accident Fund ($10,000 check) and Meijer ($10,000 in gift cards and merchandise), allowed them to open their new store on January 28, 2012. The City of Lansing also donated a closed down fire station to be used as a storage facility. A church in Brighton filled a pole barn with supplies and volunteers had to make multiple trips to collect all the items. All the generosity was evident when I stopped in as two separate store fronts were full of items to be purchased at very reasonable prices. I was told by the operations manager that on their grand opening day there were over 800 sales, with all proceeds being used to help pay utilities for those that are in need! Talk about resilient.

Inspired by this, I continued this walk beyond the 3 mile, one hour stroll I usually find myself doing. Not that there is anything wrong with that. The one hour, 3 mile thing seems to be my norm as I try to fit the saunters between work and school schedules of my family. Today, however, there was no need for me to race home. I had all afternoon. Yes, I skipped lunch but I think I could bear being a little hungry. I’ve recently watched (through social media posts) a couple really good people show their resilience. I feel strengthened and encouraged when watching others suffer through circumstances with dignity and courage. Like my friend Dalia. I worked with her at Wendy’s back in high school. Tomorrow is the one year marking of the death of her son. Even thinking of what she’s been through makes me teary. Yet her messages are of hope. She offers thanks to all those who’ve helped her stand this past year. She concerns herself with the perfection of her other children’s’ birthday parties. She amazes me. That is resilience. Or another friend whose healthy daughter was taken to a regular doctor appointment for a bloated tummy and learns it’s Leukemia. Wow! Did she crumble to the ground and become unresponsive in her agony? No! She started a CaringBridge page so all of her friends could go through this experience with her. She urged her friends to raise more funds than last year for our Relay for Life team. Amazing! I know someone that recently had to give testimony about a horrific crime. It’s hard for me to think about all that he’s been through and then to be asked to stand before lawyers and judges in court to the detriment of his own safety. He did this knowing he might be putting himself and his family in harm’s way. When this all came to pass I asked his wife if he was making the right choice by coming forward. She said, “He has to do it. It’s the right thing to do. Who else will do it?” I was never more proud.
These struggles go on for everyone. Something will eventually come up. It’s really how we respond to these difficulties that prove our resilience; to look at the hardship and think I will not be taken down by this. I will not give up! I will find the silver lining, the light at the end of the tunnel and the ability to feel blessed despite the agonies.
It seemed like a little gesture; to walk an incredibly longer walk than normal, in an area I was a bit nervous to walk. There were moments during this walk where I thought I could become the victim. I even called my husband at one point just to let him know where I was just in case I didn’t return. That way he would know where to find me. I was out on a street with very little around me; no safe place to go to, with dangerously fast cars passing. I knew though, that if I continued walking I would make it home. And I did, each step inspired by the strong fight by friends and family and the Lansing community.

Photos from the walk can be found here.