Fun Facts

There are little sprinklers that pop up and water the small flowering areas around the trees in down town Lansing
Lansing is almost 10 miles from north to south, and 6.6 miles east to west.
Horse Chestnuts are poisonous.
People can get into the abandoned train station on Washington Ave.
A very large group of geese are congregating on the river by Potter Park Zoo.
Bancroft Park is one of the last remaining segments of an Esker that runs south to Mason, MI
There is an absolutely gorgeous park called Theo Park off Waverly Rd. It sits overlooking the grand river.
very large section of Groesbeck is NOT in Lansing.
In Old Town by the Clark-Hill building is a tree completely made out of metal.

2 responses to “Fun Facts

  1. I recently noticed that tree in Old Town myself – its is very cool. Like your blog.

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