On the Road to Health

As I walk my walks for Lansing, deep down inside I’ve been aware that all this walking might have a positive effect on my health as well. How could it not? Walking 410 miles is bound to tighten something! Today I had a doctor’s appointment in town. I’m a numbers girl and I like having some to work with. At home I measure weight and body fat. I’ve been known to take my temperature even if I don’t have a fever. At this appointment I was able to add BMI and blood pressure. All my numbers are ok. Not great, but ok. There is definitely room for improvement. Since having the twins five years ago I have had a hard time getting back into shape. I’ve always been an active person. I was a swimmer in junior high school. I marched in the band (yes it IS a sport) for four years and I ran long distance track my sophomore year. I like to stay active. I ski and swim during the appropriate times of year. I bought a kettlebell too. I really like that but I seem to do too much and need a long recovery time. Then I get distracted and realize it’s been a month since my last workout. I think that’s why I like this walking around Lansing idea even more. I’ve noticed most of my walks take about an hour and I walk roughly three miles. Today’s walk was no different. After my doctor’s appointment I set out on the streets adjacent to the office. The neighborhood is bordered by the busy Cedar St., Mt. Hope Ave., Washington Ave. and Greenlawn. Once onto the inner streets the bustle of fast, loud cars was muffled almost completely. The homes were quaint, tidy rows one after the other. I liked this neighborhood. It was a good place for a walk. As I walked out of the neighborhood onto one of the border streets there was usually some type of business. As I walked to the end of my first street I ended up at Washington Ave looking at the expanse of Washington Park. Next to that is where Capital City Film Festival has set up shop. South on Washington Ave. and Greenlawn is all hospitals and clinics, including Ingham Regional Medical Center, where my twins were born. Circling back through the inner streets again I ended up on Mt. Hope looking towards the downtown skyline. The corner of Mt. Hope and Washington Ave. was full of activity; bus stops, store fronts, auto shops, restaurants. When I finally made my way back to Greenlawn and Cedar St., I had walked over an hour and completed over three miles of walking. At this rate I will be done with this project in about 30 months. With a completion goal of one year I think it’s time to pick up the pace.

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