Opening Night

The wind whipped around Ellie’s unzipped coat, pulling it off her shoulder. With her hair flying madly around her head and her coat parachuted out behind her she would appear to have stepped into a tornado. However moments later the wind vanished into the outstretched rays of the sunshine washing over her. We had hail on Sunday. We had some snow this morning. We are expected to reach the 70s by this weekend. Sometimes we have all these things happen within an hour. This extreme weather only means one thing, it’s spring time in Lansing, Michigan. With true spring also comes one of Lansing’s favorite past times; baseball. Tonight is opening night with the Cross Town Show Down; a big matchup between Michigan State Spartans and the Lansing Lugnuts.
Even at 4:00pm there was an excitement in the air. From a block over I could hear the rhythmic music pulsating like a heartbeat. I noticed cars stopping, parking and unloading children, strollers and blankets; baseball gear. All that surrounds the Cooley Law School Stadium awaken this time of year, ready to reap the rewards of winter patience. By mid summer this square block bulges with frolicking children, strolling couples, bar hoppers and diner patrons. It stays alive and boisterous deep into the evening.

Tonight also begins the maiden voyage for a wonderful Love Lansing friend; Amanda Augustine, who will be one of the new emcees for the Lugnut games. She will, after tonight’s game, be sharing the microphone with another Love Lansing guy, Bil Moore. It’s an exciting night. I hope everyone gets to get out and enjoy some of what Lansing has to offer. It’s out there if you try. And it’s just getting started!

The Lansing Lugnuts host the Michigan State Spartans on Tuesday, April 5th, at 7:05 p.m. in the fifth annual Crosstown Showdown presented by Auto-Owners Insurance. This season features a special “Chowdown Edition” of the popular exhibition, featuring drink specials and $1 pricing for popcorn, hot dogs, ice cream sandwiches and 16-oz. fountain drinks.

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