Walk with a Purpose

The plan; had it gone accordingly, was this. I would be dropped off at the edge of the city on Lake Lansing road. I would then walk the 1.5-1.7 miles to Big Brothers Big Sisters Mid Michigan office and help the Lunch with a Purpose group cut burlap bags into squares for the Earth Day Lansing who is hosting the B the E Old Town Scrub. Now do I feel a tad guilty piggy backing my City Saunters on the Lunch with the Purpose activities that are being piggy backed onto the Earth Day Lansing activities? Maybe a little, but really, that is one of the great things about those that are “doing” in Lansing. They each work hard to help each other, who then in turn help you back. It’s very symbiotic.
Lunch with a Purpose normally runs from noon until 1pm. This schedule is perfect since my son needs to be dropped off at LCC west. My husband drops off my son then comes back and picks me up. Today, however, so many great people showed up that we accomplished our goal in record time; 15 minutes in fact. After a few minutes of chatting I still had about 40 minutes to wait for my ride. It was nice outside and I had a street I needed to complete (as I walk I am getting remnants that are left un-walked). So I started walking with stop points in my head. The first was Arby’s. I call my husband for a location update: still at home, haven’t left yet. I keep walking. I walk to Saginaw and start walking towards home or at least a good pick up point. After about a half hour I call again for an ETA: stuck at a train, haven’t even made it to LCC yet. I keep walking. I pass Gillespie Group’s Prudden Place, the police precinct, the new subdivision next to Catholic Central and the new Pattengill Middle School. There’s even a new house being built. It almost could make you believe Lansing isn’t as bad off as it has appeared. The phone rings. My ride is coming up behind me on Saginaw. I hear, “There’s mom, we’re passing her”, and watch as my car drives past with little hands frantically waving back and forth. They meet me at another remnant and I finally complete one of my most round about walks so far.

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