Hopping Down the River Trail!

Hippity, hoppity Easter’s on its way!!! Making our way just off the trail we found our first Easter activity. It was an egg drop at the Baker-Donora Community Center. Baker Street. The Baker Street. The only neighborhood I was specifically warned about not walking. I can’t NOT walk a neighborhood. That’s not how City Saunter works. So I get creative and take advantage of every opportunity I can. Today’s event would allow my family and me to safely explore this area, meet some of the neighbors and walk a few streets with the other families.

Not only did I feel safe here, we greatly enjoyed the activities. This is a neighborhood with families who don’t have much. There was a free area for people to take things they needed. The eggs were all stuffed with great items. There were even stuffed animals scattered around the park as well as the typical candy and stickers. After every child politely went out and collected every item placed throughout the large park, there were other adults walking around handing out more free things. Not one child left without pockets full of goodies. The police officer present introduced himself and gave out police stickers as well. All the families gathered were polite, humble and friendly. After emptying out the contents of all the eggs the twins collected we then traveled around a few of the streets, following behind a few folks heading back home. They addressed us politely and waved as we passed.

Our next stop along the river’s edge was The Lansing City Market Bunny Hop.

The eggs filled with goodies were scattered across the lawns, separated by age group. Inside activities of face painting and a balloon art clown were available for those willing to wait in the lines. All of the vendors were open as well, filling the air with luscious smells. At about 20 minutes before 2pm all the kids began lining the roped off areas, anxiously waiting for the hunt to begin. There was the added excitement of finding the Golden Eggs which had special gifts from the likes of Preuss Pets, Jumping Jax, Lugnuts and Celebration Cinema. As Tim Baron began counting down in his booming voice we all knew the adventure would finally be over within minutes. And it was. What a great day to travel the trails and find some fun family activities as well.

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